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Science of Networks CS249B

Cryptography        CSCI6130

Network Security    CSCI6621

Computer Security   CSCI4621

Computer Networks   CSCI4311



General             How to use your mind (Kitson, 1921)

                    Back of envelope calculations (Francis, 1999)

                    Statistics literacy (Bolton, 2010)

                    Logical fallacies (Labossiere, 1995)


Students            Efficient science reading

                    Effective memorization

                    Organize your MSc thesis

                    Cite properly


Teachers            Variety of techniques

                    'Great Profs' case studies

                    Construct a syllabus



Oct  2011           Mission Assurance (talk, paper) at ORNL CSIIRW

June 2011           ABCD-ACP (talk, paper) at NATO CCD COE

Nov  2010           Morphing Gameboard (talk) at Sandia Nat. Lab

July 2010           Degradation and Subversion (paper) for IEEE S & P

Dec  2009           Unknown Unknowns (paper) for Dig. Evid. Law R.

Oct  2009           Security of Cloud Vendors (report) for SPAWAR

June 2009           On nth Order Attacks (talk, paper) at NATO CCD COE

May  2009           DNA computing error (talk, paper) at SNPD

Feb  2009           Self-replicating Programs (intro, paper) in J. Comp. Vir.

Oct  2008           Subverting MW’s OODA loop (extended abstract) at Oak Ridge Nat. Lab

Dec  2007           Callgraphs Executables (paper) in AI Comm. & J. Comp. Vir.

Oct  2007           Modern Malware (talk) at Horst Goetz Inst.

Apr  2007           Opcodes Malware (paper) in J. Elec. Sec. Dig. Forens.

Jun  2003           Quantitative Risk Analysis (defense, thesis, patent)


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