@ Funded PhD position is available

1.      1 positions - Open, accepting applications in computer vision, sensor data and machine learning areas. Click here to see.


2.      1 position - Open, accepting applications in bioinformatics and machine learning areas. Click here to see.



@ Funded MS project is available

Open, accepting applications in NLP and machine learning area. This circular is valid from May/2016 to August/2016. Click here to see.


@ Information for Interested PhD Students

STRONGLY motivated, creative and hardworking students, targeting PhD, preferably having some background in Bioinformatics can send me resume, thoque@uno.edu.

If you email me, do not forget to attach your resume (no web link) with all your scores and publications (if any). However, I can take students based on availability of funds.


We are working in the following areas of bioinformatics and machine learning:

o   disordered protein prediction

o   development of sampling algorithms

o   energy function

o   fold-recognition

o   binding-region prediction

o   optimized metabolic network based biofuel production in algae.


We are working in the following area of computer vision and machine learning:

         Drone collected sensor, image data analytics and predictions related to coastal issues (see sample projects here http://gulfscei.cs.uno.edu/).


@ Information for Interested Undergraduate Research Students

You can get paid for doing research with us; See COSURP and apply via: http://www.uno.edu/cos/undergraduate-research.aspx

On COSURP web, find and click Faculty Research Interest to find our research interests.

You must be STRONGLY motivated.