Oct/18/2017 - UNO Computer Science Ranked Tops in the State


         Aug/02/2017 Our graduate Sumaiya Iqbal, has joined The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard (


         July/23/2016 Congratulations Sumaiya and Pujan!

Two teams of Hoque-Lab, took part in the black-box optimization competition ( arranged via the GECCO conference.

Out of 20 different competitors around the world, in the overall category, Team #1 (Sumaiya Iqbal) secured 11th and Team #2 (Pujan Pokhrel and Sumaiya Iqbal, named xd_zecia) secured 12th position.

In the special cases, the teams did their best by securing 6th position (Team #1) in 64-D category and 3rd position (Team #2) in 2-D category:


         Open: Funded PhD position is Available @Hoque Lab. This circular is valid from May/2016 to July/2017. Click here to see.


         Open: Funded Project is Available for MS student @Hoque Lab. This circular is valid from May/2016 to August/2016. Click here to see.



         May/05/2016 (External) Job: Data Scientist Job several positions CSCI 6635 students see here.



        April/25/2016 Our Lab member, Sumaiya Iqbal was the sole student from the engineering school who was honored for academic excellence by the Phi Kappa Phi honor society.

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