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UNO Computer Science Department Awarded $542,064 LDWF Mobile App Development Contract

September 17, 2012 - The Department of Computer Science and the Department of Biological Sciences have been funded by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) to develop, test, and deploy a suite of mobile applications. These mobile applications will allow for LDWF agents and consumers to access information made available by the LDWF. LDWF agents and consumers will also be able to contribute information gathered in the field to LDWF’s databases. The mobile applications’ specifications will be provided by LDWF. Some of the mobile applications already discussed with LDWF officials includes a mobile application would provide to anglers locations, maps, and attributes of Artificial Fishing Reefs. The application is also expected to provide fishing tips to anglers such as most appropriate fishing method and expected species for a given reef. Another planned app will provide Oyster Maps. LDWF is in the process of designing an Oracle-based GIS for the State’s private oyster lease maps, public seed ground maps and the DHH health closures. The Oyster Maps mobile application will make these resources available to agents and fishermen on the water.

The applications will be developed for both iOS and Android platforms. The iOS devices that will be developed for are the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. Android applications will be developed to accommodate phones and tablets. The applications for the two platforms will be designed to mirror the functionality of each other, while maintaining the appropriate design principles for the individual platforms.

Investigators are Mahdi Abdelguerfi (Computer Science) and Thomas Soniat (Biological Sciences). The research team will also include a full-time Research Software Engineer, Daniel Ward, a Graduate Research Assistant, Jorge Chao, along with an undergraduate student worker. Funding for the project is $542,064 for three years.