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The department of Computer Science is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service to the profession and the community. The central focus of the department is providing quality, innovative, baccalaureate and graduate education that emphasizes established fundamentals. [Read on]

The UNO GE Capital Software Engineering Apprenticeship Program doubles in size.

In January of 2014, GE Capital partnered with the University of New Orleans to offer computer science students a unique opportunity to work alongside seasoned software engineers and gain valuable industry experience through the Software Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SWEAP). 13 students were invited to work at GE Capital at wages competitive for an entry-level software developer. A year later and SWEAP has more than doubled in size with a total of 28 apprentices. Due to this success GE Capital wants to double the size of SWEAP again, but in half the time, offering another 20-25 positions for this Summer.   [Read on]  

What do you call a senior engineer at techno-giant Google and an avid advocate for more women in the computing profession?

If the person is Sabrina Farmer, you can call her distinguished UNO Computer Science alumna as well. Currently a Senior Engineering Manager at Google, Ms. Farmer is the lead manager responsible for Google Apps Site Reliability, which includes Gmail, Docs, Spreadsheets, Drive, Calendar, Sites, and Enterprise. Based at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, she gets to travel on a regular basis to Zurich, New York, London, and San Francisco (so you can call her a world-traveller, too). Ms. Farmer describes herself as "a strong advocate for women in technology, founding the [UNO Scholarship for Women in Computer Science] upon graduation and ... a regular invited speaker at conferences and to students." She is a mentor both inside and outside of Google and advises young engineers to focus on what they enjoy most about engineering. In addition to her successful career, she has found time to also have a family. She lives in Silicon Valley with "her husband, two young kids, and a very large dog." So, using language peculiar to New Orleans, we say: "Way to geaux, Sabrina!"

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